October 1st, 2019

Check out the new real-time air monitors we are installing across the Twin Ports! Our community has never had access to real-time particulate data. You can view the air quality and how it changes every 10 seconds via this map purpleair.com/map. The PurpleAir monitors we are installing are the same monitors the MPCA will be installing across Minnesota as part of their 2020 Air Monitoring Network Plan.

The next time an explosive industrial event happens in our community we will not have to solely rely upon elected officials telling us the air is safe because we will have access to real-time data. We are hoping to fund the purchase of additional types of monitors in the future to measure VOCs, SO2, NOx and HF instead of relying upon the refinery to tell us the data.

South Superior Particulate Sensor

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East End Superior Particulate Sensor

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Duluth Heights Particulate Sensor

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Enger Piedmont Particulate Sensor

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June 21, 2019

The # 1 most densely populated refinery operation in the United States which uses Hydrogen Fluoride had a series of explosions June 21st, 2019. We thought refiners learned from one another’s mistakes? Apparently Philadelphia Energy Systems didn’t learn from Husky or Torrance. Explosions impacted the Alkylation Unit at PES. This is the unit that utilizes Hydrogen Fluoride. Citizens were told to shelter-in-place and the Chemical Safety Board has opened a formal investigation. Learn more here.


“Safeguards 'ineffective' at preventing Husky refinery explosion” —article link

Interactive Map Below from the Duluth News Tribune -The large black circle is the Worst Case Scenario Vulnerability Zone for Hydrogen Fluoride at the Husky Refinery. Click the circles to learn more.

investigation into the cause of the husky explosions on april 26th

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july 20th, 2018: Mayor JIM PAINE states city attorney is looking into how to ban Hydrogen Fluoride. Click for more info

Welcome to TPAA. We’re building a safer Twin Ports through advocacy.

We believe that the explosive Husky Refinery needs to implement a safer alkylation technology than Hydrogen Fluoride, which has been used in the center of Superior’s community for far too long. Five k-12 schools sit in a circle around the Husky Refinery, all 2 miles or less from the deadly Hydrogen Fluoride tank. Depending upon the way the wind blows from this refinery during a disaster someone’s children are going to be impacted. Husky has eroded public trust with the explosive events on April 26th and they can build it back by switching to Sulfuric Acid or Ionic Liquids. And no - Modified Hydrogen Fluoride (MHF) is not a safer alternative. We believe that a functioning democratic society should get to choose what level of disaster risk is imposed upon citizens by private for-profit companies.

photo of water

TOXIC Flame retardant chemicals (PFAS) found in Lake Superior

The next few months will be critical in deciding the level of risk from a chemical release and disaster that will be allowed to be reimposed by Husky Energy on its workforce and on the citizens of the Twin Ports.

click to read the DNT column by one of the co-founder's of TPAA


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Husky Disaster

This photo was drawn by a child, age 9, who lives in Superior and experienced the April 26th explosions.


Shs students evacuating

Superior High School is 1.2 miles from the center of the Husky Refinery