The Chemical Safety Board is investigating the Husky Disaster

The CSB is an independent Federal non-regulatory agency. They investigate chemical incidents and issue recommendations based on their investigation to educate industries in how to prevent disasters from happening again. TPAA met with the CSB in a casual format on August 1st. We discussed where they were at in their investigation and citizens spoke of concerns related to the lack of emergency planning on a community level which ultimately led to gridlocked bridges for residents who were evacuating. We spoke of the nonchalant attitudes of our elected officials which led to the perception that lives were not at stake. We asked that the CSB include emergency planning and preparedness, required by EPCRA - Right-to-Know Law, in their investigation.

Thus far the CSB has found the source of the explosion is the slide mechanism within the FCC UNIT. This is something they've seen before and have issued recommendations based on in order to prevent explosions within the fcc. TPAA is looking forward to any findings in relation to Husky's knowledge of the structural integrity of the slide mechanism. 

TPAA wanted to figure out what exactly the Chemical Safety Board can do to protect our citizens through their investigation. So, we started to do some research. We learned  from this Minneapolis Law Firm's website about a CSB Investigation at an ExxonMobil Refinery where metal shrapnel landed within 5 feet of the ExxonMobil refinery's Hydrogen Fluoride Tank. There are two links to CSB investigations where they helped ensure a safer community through their investigation. 

CSB Releases Safety Video on Need for Chemical Emergency Preparedness

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