Husky, you will not rebuild your HF alkylation unit, now that it is destroyed. You will build a new, safer alternative. Modified Hydrogen Fluoride (MHF) is not an adequate alternative. Husky, you will not pull jobs out of our area if you are forced to switch to an alternate alkylation process. A threat to remove your employees' jobs is unfair to the people who have given their labor to your company. Considering the troubling safety record of this refinery and of Husky Energy as a whole, you must earn the trust of our community by investing in our health and safety. 

Husky, your employees and contractors deserve to feel safe at work, their children deserve to feel safe in our community and most importantly, all of the Twin Ports residents matter - not just the few “community stakeholders” who sit on your West Virginia-based paid-by-Husky PR facilitated “Community” Advisory Panel. We are all stakeholders and you, Husky, will treat us as such.